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How to Measure for a PVC Stripdoor

1. Specify exterior or interior building use.

The more  information which we have, the more accurately we can supply an appropriate product which will last. 

2. Choose Face (Wall) Mount OR Jamb (Header) Mount.

The Head Mount option the door is made to the exact measurements you give us, and is generally used where the Strip Curtain is mounted inside to the top of the door frame. The Face Mount option, we will make the door 100mm Wider and 50mm Taller to allow the Strip Curtain to overlap the opening, and is mounted on the outside face on the wall or architrave.

Facemount or headmount PVC Stripdoor


3. Provide exact door dimensions

Or the DLO – Day Light Opening dimensions, i.e. floor to underside of lintel. Left door jamb to right door jamb.

4. Specify strip size

Generally the PVC Strip widths available are: 100mm / 150mm / 200mm / 300mm / 400mm wide (or we can recommend a suitable product for you based on your application and dimensions). Generally the bigger the doorway – the wider the strips should be; to manage the full drop of the door. If thin PVC Strips are installed in a very high doorway - they may not sit closed at the bottom of the doorway and ultimately will not perform the task that they are meant for - to be a barrier. Alternatively, PVC Strips which are very wide / thick installed in a small doorway by be difficult to walk through and have a bit of a 'slap' effect as they close. 

5. Application

Is the PVC Stripdoor going to be used in an ambient area or cooler / freezer?

6. Traffic

Is the stripdoor to be used in an area where there is forklift traffic or heavy delivery vehicles? Or pedestrians only, such as for a Shopfront Stripdoor?

7. Delivery

Specify whether you require Delivery only for your PVC Stripdoor or Installation. Please let us know your delivery address so that we can quote accurately. 


TO ORDER YOUR STRIPDOOR: Call the Remax Team on 1800 010 221

Or email: marketing@remaxproducts.com.au